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I applied to do work experience at Just employment earlier this year. One of the main reasons for this was to get an insight into the Law in practice and to broaden my knowledge of different areas of the law aside from the core modules we are required to study at university.

The previous week before commencing my work experience at Just Employment, I took part in work experience at a law firm that covered a wide range of sectors. Although it was great, I felt that Just Employment gave a more personalised approach and within the short space I was there, they really made me feel part of the team.

Throughout my time at Just Employment I engaged in a number of activities, making the experience all the more exciting. On my first day, I went to the County Court to file a small claim and carried out legal research on the highest tribunal awards given in history. This was particularly interesting as it allowed me to get a grasp of quite how influential and important Employment Law has been in ensuring Justice is done.

On the second day at the firm, I was given a chance to interact with a client. I had previously read the case file in order for me to get an insight into the case. What this meeting seemed to emphasise for me was quite how detached a case on a piece of paper really is. Having the client sat in front of you makes the case all the more real and determined to get a just result.

Moreover, on my last day at Just Employment, I wrote an attendance note on the previous day’s meeting. Again, this was great as it allowed me to interact with the case and gave me an insight into the admin side of the role of a solicitor.

Finally, what I will take away from this experience is witnessing the role of a solicitor in practice. It has only heightened my enthusiasm to become a solicitor and increased my determination to pin down that ever elusive training contract!

Alice Edwards, Law Student, Queen Mary, University of London.

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