Work experience with employment solicitors

On arriving at my first day of work experience at Just Employment I thought I knew exactly what to expect: Sharp suits, serious faces and a lot of tea making. However I have to admit that I was mistaken, well, apart from the sharp suits. My week was spent sitting behind a desk carrying out a wide range of tasks that allowed me to observe how legislation could be interpreted and applied in everyday legal practice instead of waiting in the kitchen for the kettle to boil.

Within five minutes of the usual nerve-racking introductions to the team I was sat down, handed an email with an enquiry and asked to research the Freedom of Information Act, of which I knew next to nothing, and determine the best route forward for the client. As you can imagine, I was slightly dumbfounded. However after carefully trawling through online websites, admittedly having to look up some legal jargon, I presented my findings and it turned out, much to my amazement, I had cobbled together some pretty sound legal advice.

The team was brilliant and I felt extremely lucky to be able to sit in on a couple of meetings and see how they advised clients and how easy it was for them to build up a relationship with those seeking their advice, whether it was an individual or a company. I was given the opportunity to put together ‘bundles’ for tribunals and read though some case files which really bought the whole experience to life for me. I felt that by the end of the week I could see improvements in my own work ethic and attitude and I’m really motivated to start on my journey to becoming a solicitor.

I really enjoyed my week at Just Employment and felt that I was treated far from the stereotypical ‘work experience girl’ and more as part of the team- although I have to admit I did make some of cups of tea!

Emma Robinson







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