Clegg announces flexible hours plans

It was reported in the Guardian Newspaper at the weekend that Nick Clegg will set out plans on Tuesday to extend the right to flexible working to all employees, claiming that more women workers in the labour force will be critical to a revival of the economy.

The plans mean that every employee will be entitled to ask their boss for the right to work flexitime.

The new rules, which could come into force as early as 2014, will allow other relatives, grandparents and even close family friends to apply for flexitime or permission to work from home to help out with childcare. Workers will also be able to request flexible hours to look after elderly relatives.

Nick Clegg’s speech is based on new research showing that compared with the situation in the best performing countries about a million women are missing from the UK economy. Clegg believes women are key to the economic recovery because on average they tend to be more qualified than men.

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Clare McDairmant, Solicitor, Just Employment Solicitors





Clare McDairmant, Solicitor, Just Employment Solicitors.

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